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About Ploutarchos

Hi. My name is Ploutarchos Michaelides and I was born in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. A web designer and web developer by profession, I am enjoying solving problems and using my creativity to produce work that is both useful and entertaining. I earned my Certificates Degree's in CCNA and CCNP in 2012 and I've been successfully passed web development seminars in 2013. My hobbies include music, art, photography, psychology, technology, and forex. More than anything, I enjoy a good cup of coffee.

I'm currently working as a freelancer web designer. with 3 years experience in the web development industry, I'm striving to bring you cost-efficient, effective and high-quality professional services. I want to help your business stand out from the online crowd, I will also provide a variety of full-feature design packages, and custom-fit web design packages tailored to fit your individual budget and needs.

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